Château de Moda
Spring / Summer 2025

What if places have souls? What if they can feel you as much as you can feel them? Inspired by the great Château de Versailles, we present to you our collection for Spring/Summer 2025: A luxurious mixture of Pastels, ornamented by Golds and Silvers to express the essence of trellis, yet brightful to capture the hearts. In this bewitching collection, we take you on an unforgettable journey in the Palace of Fashion, where patterns, flowers, colours, drawings, designs, and souls….

come back to life.


The Awesome24
Autumn - Winter 2024

Our AWesome23 collection is our newest approach to changing the fashion world as it’s traditionally known. Introducing our latest exceptional technique; the metallica threading, chosen highly and precisely to design and produce unique dresses that you have never seen or felt before.

Check out our AW23/24 collection for an innovative crafting experience that is yet to be discovered!

The Awesome Technique Makes Fashion Unique

La Pallete Brilliante SS '24
Spring - Summer 2024

Our collection stems from the reinvigoration of life, warmth, and the soft breeze that welcomes new beginnings. The interesting lifecycle of nature was our main inspiration; seeds find their uprising from the deepest ground to meet the skies, turning into magnificent flowers and blossoms thirsty for life and love. Colors paint our visions again, brightly and artistically, creating living portraits that bless our approach to design a wonderful collection.

The Bloom Of Blossoms


Autumn Winter '23
Autumn - Winter 2023

The fascination with the perfect gradation of Autumn was the motive of our collection. Autumn, is the the magic of transition, where everything in life gradually transform; from the warmth of summer to the breeze of winter, sun leaving earlier and earlier, and trees changing its colors and shapes to welcome a new chapter. Likewise Autumn, our collection turns smoothly from greenish to crisps, reaching the slight winds of blue cold winters with its elegant fancy appearances.

Gradation –The Changing of Seasons