The Magical Motifs of Inspiration

Let the whole
universe inspire you.

Nature, with its flourishing blossoms and captivating color palettes. History, with its authenticity and timeless being. Future, with its thrilling mystery and yet-to-open gates. Our imagination is limitless; Let the whole universe inspire you.

Turning Your Dreams into Fabric

We are here to turn your feelings into sentimental embroidery, to express your ideas in a bold style that speaks for your inner soul, and to design exclusive patterns that reflect your own unique self like no other. Our lives are fulfilled with details; flowers blossoming in sweet springs, lovers smiling on a rainy day, music soothing souls on cold winters, and we are here, to turn each of these fascinating details into fabrics that you can feel with all your senses.

Not Even the Sky is Our Limit

Our color palettes embrace every eyedropper with absolutely no limits. Inspired by the past and speaking for the future, our palettes have the right color for every time, from futuristic brightly funky neon, to the sensational gradiance of seasonal change.

Sooner Than Expected

We respect our customers’ time as a prior pillar in our work. We rely on the most suitable methods that guarantee the fastest possible handover timeline. Simply said, we deliver quality and quantity in a glimpse of an eye.

Quality Above & Beyond

Maintaining the highest and only highest quality is our mission. All our methods, from design and materials, to manufacture and production worked upon quality as the very main standard and value.

In-house Production

We are not only responsible for designing, but we accompany your one-of-a-kind experience with us till the end, with our best In-house production that takes care of the smallest details to create the most adequate results that exceed your expectations.