About Us


We don’t wait for the future,
we create it.

Lead by great experience in the industry of fashion, and committed to spreading the magic of embroidery worldwide, Khoder Group has been a doyen company in designing and manufacturing the most opulent collections that speak for exquisite, creativity, and technique.
From turning ideas into luxurious embroidered styles to producing the highest quality fabrics that blend the art of imagination with the latest technologies, we are proud to have earned our exceptional imprint that we believe will change the world of fashion as we know it.


In the same way companies create visions for their business, we work with all we have to turn visions into fashionable realities. We seek authenticity and uniqueness, and in our special ways, we try to take part in creating the future.
As fashion is nevertheless a part of art that goes beyond imagination, we are keen to leave an exceptional imprint in the world of fashion.